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Why Christmas is the best time to visit Disneyland Paris

The time has come for me to finally start writing about one of my favorite places in the world – the Disney Parks. I have visited Disneyland Paris at different times of the year, but nothing compares to visiting during the Christmas season. Whether you have never been to the Disneyland Paris, or you simply haven’t been during this season, here is why you should definitely visit during the Christmas period. Although be forewarned – visiting at any other time of the year will never be the same again!

Extra entertainment

Christmas entertenmaint

Compared to other parks, particularly those in the States, Disneyland Paris severely lacks on the entertainment department. Outside of special seasons, the offerings across both parks are basically reduced to a day time parade and a night show. But not at Christmas! Even though you will pay the same price for your ticket, you will get five times the entertainment. Here are some of the Christmas offerings:

  • Christmas parade: During the Christmas season, apart from the usual ‘Disney Magic on Parade’, there is a second Christmas parade that runs a couple of times a day. Much shorter than the normal one, but full of Christmas cheer!

Christmas parade

Christmas parade 02

Christmas parade 03

  • Frozen Sing-along and Frozen a Royal Welcome: If you happen to be a Frozen fan then I don’t think you will need any further convincing. While there are currently no Frozen-related entertainment or attractions any other time of the year, during the Christmas season the park goes into a complete Frozen-frenzy. A section of Frontierland becomes a mini-Frozen village, which includes the Chaparral theatre hosting a Frozen sing-along both in French and English a couple of times a day. They go through all the major songs in the movie and it features the appearance of Olaf, Anna, Kristoff and Elsa.

Frozen Sing-Along

Frozen Sing-Along 01

If that is not enough, there is also a Frozen Royal Welcome taking place a couple of times a day. This involves Anna and Elsa going around the main parade route on a horse-carriage while ‘Let it go’ is playing in a bunch of different languages.

  • Royal Christmas Wishes: Royal Christmas Wishes brings all of your favorite Disney Princesses and Prince’s on to the Royal Castle Stage for a nice dance number.

Royal Christmas wishes

  • Mickey’s Magical Christmas lights: If all of the above doesn’t seem like enough extra enterntainment, don’t worry because there is more. Every night there is a ceremony to turn on the lights of the huge beautiful Christmas tree on Main Street. This features Mickey and Minnie, some other narrators, Santa, a couple of christmas songs and the best part: fake snow! Definitely one of the highlights of the Christmas season, and if you don’t believe me, you can watch this video by DLP Guide.

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations 03

I have celebrated Christmas in many different cities across Europe, but nothing, I repeat – nothing, compares to how Disneyland does Christmas. The minute you walk through the gates, particularly at night, it is a complete feast of Christmas decorations wherever you look. Every little corner, particularly in the Main Street leading up to the Castle, has been taken care of. Not only that, but inside of restaurants, shops and even the Disney hotels decorations have been put up all around. The luxurious Disneyland Hotel in particular, goes above and beyond to decorate its reception, including a beautiful Christmas tree as well as a gingerbread house and even a little toy train.

Christmas decorations 01
Reception at the Disneyland Hotel
Christmas decorations 02
Main Street lit up at night

Christmas decorations

Disney Dreams of Christmas

My uttermost favourite part of Disneyland Paris is definitely the nighttime show Disney Dreams. Disney Dreams is on every night at park closure and consists of a spectacular display of fireworks, fountains and pyrotechnics that set the background to various different musical Disney stories reflected on the castle. During the Christmas season, the classic Disney Dreams becomes Disney Dreams of Christmas, a story narrated by Olaf featuring a couple of Christmas songs, as well as Toy Story and Frozen segments. If I am going to be honest, I actually prefer the classic version to the Christmas version, but there is no doubt that Disney Dreams of Christmas is the best Christmas spectacle I have ever witnessed. If you are curious, you can watch the full version of the show on DLP Guide youtube channel.

Disney Village Christmas markets

Christmas markets

Of course, it wouldn’t be the best Christmas celebration of them all without some Christmas markets. The Disney Village, which you can visit without holding a ticket to the parks, is host to a bunch of classic Christmas market stalls which are as overpriced as those you’d find in any other major European Christmas market, with the benefits of being even cuter. Mulled wine (or gluhwine) stall included!

Christmas markets 01

Christmas window displays

Another of the highlights of the Christmas season is the beautiful window displays. Not that they aren’t beautiful any other time of the year, but it seems that Disneyland Paris takes it one step further when it comes to Christmas window displays. You won’t find a single shop window that hasn’t been carefully decorated with a touch of the holidays, and an entire afternoon can easily be filled up going from one window display to another as well as admiring the extensive range of Christmas merchandise on offer.

Christmas displays

Christmas displays 01

Extra Disney characters spreading Christmas cheer

If you enjoy meeting Disney characters, visiting during the Christmas season will allow you to meet characters that you won’t find during other times of the year. Disneyland Paris brings out extra characters to spread the Christmas cheer, and I am not just talking about Santa Claus (who you can also meet by the way), but about other Disney classics such as Scrooge, Jack Skellington or Thumper and Miss Bunny (Bambi).

Christmas characters
Miss Bunny

Less crowds

Last but not least is a very important factor, or at least the key factor I take into account when booking my Disney holidays: crowds. Unless you are visiting during actual Christmas holidays (the last two weeks in December), the Christmas season is off season. This means a lot less crowds, which means a significantly less portion of your day goes towards queuing. Not only that, but Disney usually has off-season offers on if you book in advance, meaning it is actually one of the cheapest times of the year to go – and I speak from experience.

So there you have it – as if the happiest place on Earth wasn’t wonderful enough, it does become a whole new level of awesome during the Christmas season. And there are still five more weeks to go this year, so if you have some spare money lying around and haven’t made up your mind yet, what are you waiting for?

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Why Christmas is the best time to visit Disneyland Paris

Any other Christmas at Disneyland Paris lovers out there? 


  1. I’ve never visited Disneyland at Christmas but given my love for Disney and Christmas it seems like a match made in heaven 🙂

    • Finding Upendi Finding Upendi

      If you like Disneyland and Christmas, then I’m willing to bet you’ll definitely love it! 😉

  2. Well I think my family would quite like this ;-). My little girl loves Disney and has just started to get excited about Christmas. I think if she saw the Frozen show she’d explode! They do seem to have gone all out! Good to know this is low season – I’ll keep that in mind for the future!

    • Finding Upendi Finding Upendi

      Ooh if she is a Frozen fan then definitely this time of year is the best to take her! And yes, definitely low season, as long as you don’t visit during the actual holidays!

  3. Disney during Christmas looks absolutely magical! All of the lights and decorations are really in the spirit of the holidays. Gorgeous!

    • Finding Upendi Finding Upendi

      Yes, it really is! 🙂

  4. Disneyland is the only reason at all that I want to go to Paris and this post just conjures up the wanderlust. 😉 Christmas is my favorite time of the year. We live in Florida and go to Disney quite often but at Christmas is the best. I love all the costumes and festivities. In fact, we have a 3 day trip planned in 3 weeks. Your photos are great! Thanks for sharing. Happy holidays.

    • Finding Upendi Finding Upendi

      Glad to hear you are also a Disney-Christmas fan! I haven’t gotten a chance to make it to Disney World yet, but hopefully within the next two years. Happy holidays to you too!

  5. I didn’t know that Disneyland Paris had a Christmas Market. Talk about getting the best of both worlds. We have family in Los Angeles and visit almost every year at Christmas but Paris looks so much more festive and they have gluewein!

    • Finding Upendi Finding Upendi

      I didn’t know either until we visited! Really wasn’t expecting it at all. It’s not very big, but still! Have only been to Disneyland in LA during summer, but we might visit during Christmas time next year, hopefully!

  6. I’ve never been all that interested in Disney parks but you sure make a strong case for it! Looks fun and thanks for sharing your love for them!

    • Finding Upendi Finding Upendi

      It really is!

  7. Stupid question: do the performers in Disney Paris sing the songs in French or English or both?

    • Finding Upendi Finding Upendi

      Both actually! One person speaks in French and the other replies in English. It may sound strange, but it actually works!

  8. JEM JEM

    I should have known this when I went to Paris last Christmas. Well, I think I’m going back to take my niece. I’m sure she’ll love it.

    • Finding Upendi Finding Upendi

      There is always next year! 😛

  9. Wonderful idea for Christmas vacation! Children can enjoy a lot. I truly wish to experience such a fun filled place with my kid. Lets see, how the things work upon. Thanks dear for sharing such a nice place & inspiring us.

    • Finding Upendi Finding Upendi

      Thanks for your comment Amruta! I hope you make it there some day 🙂

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