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What to do on your getaway to Sydney

The following guest post is brought to you by Marie Nieves, who is here to give you some ideas on how to make the best of your time in Sydney.

Sydney has numerous options worth exploring. You may not be able to visit all the sites you want and check out all the beauties that this city has to offer on your first visit. However, the most attractive thing about Sydney to me is exactly the fact that every stay can be completely different and unique. Of course, you need to start somewhere. If you want my fair share of experience to guide you on your next Sydney getaway, keep on reading.

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

If there are two must-see landmarks in Sydney that I would recommend, they are the spectacular architectural buildings that are Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, which are the most popular. There truly isn’t anything like this in the world. I wasn’t lucky enough to get an opera ticket, but the tour itself was charming. After you hear all about the history behind the Opera House and the world’s largest steel arch bridge, you’ll perceive things in a completely different light as well. Let me tell you – a stroll across the bridge is amazing and those of you with a daredevilish side can even climb up the bridge. Unfortunately, the fear got the better of me and I was satisfied with a nice walk.

Sydney Opera House

The royal botanic garden

Even if you’re all about the urban lifestyle of a busy city, you won’t be able to resist the charm and beauty of the Royal Botanic Garden. And if you’re a bit like me – a little cautious of nature – you’ll be in for a surprise. I don’t think that words are enough to describe just how special, romantic and fairy-like this place is. I enjoyed every moment of my stroll as I admired the layout of this huge garden, countless plant species and art setups. Definitely stop for a picnic during your time here. You also have restaurants at your disposal, so don’t skip this natural paradise on your Sydney getaway under no circumstances!

Royal Botanic Garden

Coastal walks

The most famous coastal walk in Sydney is undoubtedly the one from Bondi to Coogee. Now, walking may not be your favorite activity, but this coastal walk is well worth it. The view is breathtaking and the walk itself incredibly relaxing. What’s more, there are plenty of rest stops along the way. The best part is that you can put your walk on hold whenever you want and join the swimmers and sunbathers at the beach. And, as if the soft sand and crystal clear waters of Bondi are not enough, you also have some really gorgeous parks and picnic areas. I came here for some leisure time, but if you want, you can even take part in some water sports.

Bondi Beach

Eat and sleep in a great atmosphere

Sydney is definitely a place with good food and even better drinks. My advice to you is to mix things up a little bit. Therefore, make sure to find the time to eat like a local. I had no trouble asking for dining recommendations since Sydney folk are very friendly. Since every Sydneysider has their own preference, I’ll leave you to explore the city’s local delicacies yourself. However, I have to mention the fancy side of dining in this beautiful city. Have you ever heard of The Old Clare Hotel? This fascinating art hotel in Sydney is part of the heritage-listed buildings and the atmosphere is out of this world. It seems like history, culture, artistry and great service have all joined forces to make this place such an incredible experience for a visitor, customer and/or a curious soul.

The Old Clare Hotel

The above-mentioned places are my ultimate visit-choices when it comes to your first Sydney getaway. However, the fun doesn’t have to end there. You should tour Circular Quay and Rocks District on foot or by Red Explorer Bus for some extra options and experience. And if you want to observe the city’s landscape in its full glory, hit the Sydney Tower Eye. All in all, once you’re done with must-visits, leave yourself some room for self-guided exploration. That way, you’ll create your own unique itinerary.

About the author

Marie Nieves is a lifestyle blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. On her travels she likes to read poetry and prose and to surf the Internet. Her favourite writer is Tracy Chevalier and she always carries one of her books in her bag. Most of her free time at home she spends walking her Labrador Retriever named Max. She is an avid lover of photography who loves to talk about her experiences. You can find Marie on Facebook or follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.


  1. I didn’t know about the coastal walk from Sydney. That’s going on my list!

  2. I think my kids would love to Botanic Gardens and the coastal walks. Sydney looks like it has something for everyone, but I especially like the outdoors options. Makes a big contrast to the UK!

  3. These are all amazing ideas! Some of them I’ve not realised about, and some that are a must to do! We will be visiting later this year so will keep these in mind!

  4. Carol Colborn Carol Colborn

    I may go to Sydney soon because I will be in Melbourne for 4 months! These all look exciting.

  5. I recently visited Sydney for the first time. It’s such a fantastic city and the coastal walk was amazing.

  6. Amy Amy

    Sydney is such a dream! The Bondi to Coogee walk and climbing the bridge are definitely on our wish list. And I am just learning more about the beautiful botanical gardens Sydney has to offer, another great way to spend time. The Old Clare Hotel sounds super unique and trendy, I love the rise of art hotels, such a great option!

  7. So I am not going to lie, I keep reading about the Royal Gardens but every pic I see seems BOOORING!! I love walking gardens as a way to relax but also people watch or discover & learn about local flora but those gardens always look so ho hum!
    With that said, the Bondi to Coogee walk coast line looks amazing…may have to just live there!

  8. I’m so in for the coastal walks! Your pictures are really nice!

    • Finding Upendi Finding Upendi

      Thanks!! 🙂

  9. Helena Helena

    I have been to Sydney a LOT and I can agree to all of these places. I highly recommend climbing the bridge and the Bondi to Coogee walk

    • Finding Upendi Finding Upendi

      That’s good to know! Thanks! 😉

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